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About Us

At CherryPopRadio we think that music shouldn't have to cost a lot.
Our mission: To help you get through your day,
adding music to make you smile or sooth your soul; to simply bring a
little light and joy into your life. You can listen to our vast inventory of
sound and create your own playlist and play them in random shuffle.

CherryPopRadio is young; only a year old, with a team of dedicated,
caring people that hope to bring smiles to all who listen.
A new feature, something not seen with other radio companies, we
have two live-manned DJ-ed stations. One classic rock based, one pop
music based, with more schedule to be released. Look for additional
stations coming soon, including an Amateur station to promote new talent.
If you're out there, send us an MP3! Let us hear you and get you on the air!

We hope you enjoy the experience. Tailored for you!

For more information about us or any questions emails us at: